The Making Of My First Patreon Course

As many people who have been affected by this pandemic, I decided to move a part of my activity online. Before Covid-19, I worked 100% from gyms, meeting people in person, but for the last month, this suddenly ceased to be an option. A part of this big plan to move online consists in a Patreon course.

Now, I never knew how to create an online course, let alone what Patreon is. But, with a little help from a friend, I just plunged into it. The course is almost ready (you can join my Patreon page here, by the way) and it has been a really interesting experience. I was forced to learn a lot of new things. What follows is a short description of the challenges I’ve been through.

1 Segment Your Services

Before Patreon, I only knew that I was teaching fitness. I had a few different classes and levels, but they were all in the context of a gym. Somebody else was in charge of what’s required from me. In Patreon, there is a laddered structure of services, so I learned that some of the stuff I offer (like general articles) can be cheaper, while others (like specific courses and one on one sessions) can be way more expensive. You are never forced to think this way when you work for somebody else.

2 Video Shooting Can Be Very Surprising

While filming my course, I learned that a lot of stuff can slip through the camera, stuff that I had no idea about. For instance, in a few videos, there were some lights entering the frame, while in others my roommates were innocently appearing too, because they were chilling on the balcony and my camera was set up at a wider angle. I also have quite a few bloopers to add to the course after its published. Funny.

3 Discipline Is Key

There were many moments when I felt discouraged and overwhelmed but I pushed through. Even if I was doing just a few small steps in a day, I managed to somehow go through it. I know this is just the beginning and there are many other courses that I plan to offer, but all in their right time.

So, if you want to be among the first to see my new Patreon course, just follow this link, become a patron and it will be an honor to train you.

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